fatty liver ayurvedic treatment

Can Ayurvedic Treatment Solve The Fatty Liver Problem?

Are you feeling a weird painful sensation in the upper right side of the abdominal region? Have you lost your appetite, and do you love that alcoholic beverage every day in the evening? That could be an indication that fat content is building up in the liver. You can also say that these conditions may be a result of fatty liver disease. Can Ayurvedic treatment solve the fatty liver problem is a question that pops up in mind often? Yes, it can, read on for more!

It is normal if there are a few fatty deposits in the liver, but if the liver fats increase, it can lead to permanent liver scarring and damage. The fatty liver disease worsens if not treated and is the leading cause of liver failure. People who drink alcohol heavily have a stronger tendency to develop excessive fat deposits in their liver cells.

Fatty liver can be treated in the beginning stages; all you have to do is:

1) Take a healthy diet

2) Have liver supplements

3) Increase exercise to lose weight

4) Take natural treatments like Ayurveda

The liver’s excess fat deposits can be reduced to a great extent, with some dietary and lifestyle alterations.

Is there any way to flush and detox the liver?

Yes, there is! You can start right at home. Dig up the kitchen for oranges, lime, grapefruit, and lemons to get the liver back into action. Consumption of Citrus fruits and vegetables, such as garlic, helps the liver produce and activate detoxifying enzymes. In this way, the pollutants are flushed out from the body

Foods to avoid in fatty liver disease:

1) Sugary foods such as sodas, candies, sweets, cookies, cakes, fruit juices, and other food products that contain added sugar are not suitable for people with fatty liver. They are not suitable for anyone and are best avoided in the daily diet.

2) Excess salt needs to be avoided

3) Alcohol causes fatty liver diseases and other illnesses and disorders related to the liver.

4) Fried and processed foods contain high-fat content and add to the calories. They are difficult to digest, and the liver has to make extra efforts to aid digestion.

5) White bread, pasta, and rice are also on the “low recommendation list” for the liver. Try to avoid them as much as possible

6) Animal protein, such as red meat, puts a load on the liver and is best avoided.

Green tea is beneficial in detoxifying the liver. You also need to increase the fiber content in the body to keep your liver healthy. The immunity of the body and general liver health improves with increased Vitamin C intake. Other food products that help the liver get nurtured and healthy are turmeric, green leafy vegetables, and nuts. Once the foods’ nutrients start working on detoxification of the body, the liver begins to respond and heal.

Does weight increase with a fatty liver?

If the body is not detoxed, then the toxins increase, causing extreme exhaustion and fatigue that refuse to go away. The memory fails, and it becomes tough to remember things. The patient becomes impatient and irritable. The body becomes prone to infections because of immune dysfunction. The weight increases and refuses to shed off. Fat increases around the waist area.

But can Ayurveda help in fatty liver disease? For this, you can try out the liver package by www.shuddhi.com. It contains:

1) Berberis Aristata, Indian Barberry, helps reduce inflammation in the body. These herbs help keep liver infections and pain at bay.

2) Bhoomi Amla, Harar, and Kutki help in the digestive, liver, and urinary problems. Liver functioning is improved with the help of these nurturing herbs.

3) Ashwagandha helps improve liver functioning.

4) Trikatu helps perk up digestion.

Healthy fatty liver does not cause many complications. The condition can be reversed with the help of nurturing Ayurvedic herbs and other natural treatments. But if the liver has developed scars or fibrosis, there is nothing much to do. It can lead to a condition called cirrhosis or liver malignancy. There are healing herbs available in nature, and these can help the liver condition.

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