What Are The Differences Between PCOD vs PCOS?

Many people think PCOD and PCOS are the same diseases. These health concerns might have minor similarities, but both have significant differences, symptoms, and effects on the body. 

PCOD and PCOS are two different sorts of diseases linked with women’s health. And, today this blog is going to share some excellent details about the significant difference between PCOD and PCOS. So, all the time, if you didn’t know about the differences, then you can surely read this blog and collect more information. 

Therefore, without wasting time, take a look at the details presented below. 

💨 What Is PCOS?

PCOS is a health condition where the ovaries release many immature eggs, which eventually turn into cysts. This issue causes hormonal imbalance in the reproductive system. Stress and hormonal imbalance are the trigger points that cause enlargement of ovaries and excess secretion of androgen, which can cause irregular periods. And, it is said that symptoms of PCOS can be mild enough to cause any effect in the body. 

💨 What Is PCOD? 

PCOD is a hormonal condition in women when a mild measure of hormones is released, and ovaries discharge mature and immature eggs, which take formations of cysts. The symptoms of PCOD are highly visible on the body and causes difficulties like hair loss to irregular menstrual periods. 

💨 Symptoms Of PCOS 

  • Irregular Periods 
  • Heavy Bleeding 
  • Weight Gain 
  • Acne 
  • Male Pattern Baldness 
  • Darkening Of The Skin 
  • Headaches 

These are some common symptoms of PCOS, and dark patches on the skin can be other symptoms that can lead to PCOS. Also, women with PCOS can have trouble getting pregnant. 

💨 Symptoms Of PCOD 

  • Acne 
  • Weight Gain 
  • Hair growth on body and face 
  • Hair Thinning 
  • Irregular periods or Heavy bleeding periods 
  • Depression 
  • Fertility Issue 

These are the common symptoms of PCOD that can affect health adversely. And, if you suffer from any of these symptoms, it can be an accurate sign of PCOD. 

💨 What Are The Differences

To learn about the difference between PCOD & PCOS you can check out the details that are shared below. 

✅ Characteristics 

– PCOS affects the entire endocrine system. 

– PCOD causes hormonal imbalance


– PCOS can cause metabolic syndrome, which can be serious. 

– PCOD can be managed by bringing healthier and positive changes in lifestyle and diet. 


– In PCOS, in the ultrasound images, the ovaries will appear more prominent than usual. 

– In PCOD, ovaries are filled with follicles, and they will not appear larger like PCOS affected ovaries.


– PCOS can occur due to hereditary reasons, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, and insulin resistance

– PCOD occurs due to obesity, hormonal imbalance, emotional stress, unhealthy diet habits 

Effects On Pregnancy 

– In PCOS, due to hormone dysregulation, it becomes challenging to conceive. In PCOS, a woman can suffer from a higher risk of miscarriage. 

– In PCOD, with the help of healthy lifestyle changes, women can become pregnant. 


– In PCOS, a woman has a higher risk of suffering from obesity, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and endometrial cancer.

– In PCOD, there are no life-threatening complications. 

💨 Prevention Methods For PCOS & PCOD 

A healthy diet routine and positive lifestyle changes can help deal with PCOS & PCOD. Similarly, these both conditions share different differences, but prevention methods can indeed be similar, which can help to control these two conditions effortlessly. 

Step Towards Fit Lifestyle 

Keep yourself motivated towards exercises, meditation, workouts and good sleep patterns to balance the hormone levels. 

Weight Loss Is The Key 

To deal with the issue of PCOD & PCOS, you can indeed look forward to balancing your weight to regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce the symptoms without any hassle. 

Healthy Diet 

To prevent PCOD & PCOS naturally, you can surely improve your eating habits. Healthy diets can only help you to tackle the problem of PCOS & PCOD effortlessly. 

Other Solution 

Ayurvedic remedies can help to reduce the risk of PCOD & PCOS. Ayurvedic treatments contain various natural components and nutrients which can help to treat the symptoms naturally without any side effects. 


We hope that this blog has shared all the excellent details and differences between PCOD and PCOS. Therefore, whether you have PCOD or PCOS, it is essential to take care of health in the best way. Good diet, exercises, yoga, and stress control is the only way to lead a better life. Thus, if you want to know more about the difference between PCOD or PCOS, you can surely explore our website and learn more. 

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